Ray@Work, dansk arbetsstol.



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Multifunktionsstol – aktivt sittande!

Säte Klädd
Flexibelt ergonomisk säte
Rygg Standard: Svart lackat
Tillval: Ek, valnöt
Ben 5-vingad med hjul
Svart lack
Dimensioner Säteshöjd 40-56 cm
Designer Hans Thyge & Co / Perch
Producent Labofa
(exkl /inkl moms)
3 752 / 4 690 skr
Prislista Prislista 2017-18 (DKr, exkl frakt o moms)

RAY@work is a new dynamic simple office multi purpose chair.

It is fitted with the ergonomic patented seat from the renowned RAY school furniture series, which assures that you are always sitting with an open seating angle.

It is a light easy chair that fits in many situations from the office desk to the meeting room or all other kind of working environments.

The back rest is fitted with rubber cushions which makes it gently follow the curve of your backrest.